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We’ve challenged the cast of “Coming Home” to a game of 21 Questions… first up? Ben and Rachel of Duo Madrona!

1. What is aerial trapeze?

Rachel & Ben: A bar and two ropes connected to the sky.

2. How did you discover your love of this skill?

Rachel: at a summer camp for performing arts when she was a kid. 

Ben: when Rachel installed a trapeze in the big tree outside their apartment in college.

3. Where did ‘Duo Madrona’ come from as your stage name?

Rachel & Ben: Our first trapeze was suspended from a madrone tree. Plus, madrones are so artistic, sturdy, and full of movement that we couldn’t resist it.

4. How often do you train together each week?

Rachel & Ben: 4 times per week.

5. How often do you train separately?

Rachel & Ben: Once or twice.

6. What do you do OFF the trapeze to train?

Rachel & Ben: Resistance training at the gym and the occasional trail marathon.

7. If you weren’t an aerial trapeze duo, what do you think you’d be?

Ben: Park ranger or Distiller.

Rachel: Baker or Ski Bum.

8. What kind of music are you listening to right now?

Rachel & Ben: “In the Roadhouse with Greg Vandy” on KEXP.

9. Do you have a favorite Seattle “spot” these days?

Rachel & Ben: 2 spots:

#1: Le Caviste, wine bar run by friends, which also satisfy our euro-centric longings.

#2: Screwdriver Bar, legit unassuming basement bar with the best atmosphere.

10. If you could do anything that you can’t currently do – what would that be?

Rachel & Ben: SURF! And speak Spanish.

11. What two non essential items would you want if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island?

Rachel & Ben: Trapeze and an aerial rig.

12. What’s your favorite color?

Rachel: Turquoise 

Ben: mossy green / chartreuse

13. If you could choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would you choose and why?

Rachel & Ben: Stealer’s Wheel “Stuck in the Middle with You”; We think it’s obvious.

14. Where is a place in the world you hope to visit one day but have never been?

Rachel & Ben: Japan

Ben and Rachel of Duo Madrona in training for Teatro ZinZanni, October 2022. 

Ok, back to some more “work” questions… 

15. What is the hardest part about your profession?

Rachel & Ben: Unpredictability.

16. Where has been your favorite place in the world to perform? (Can’t say Teatro ZinZanni or Seattle because we already know that’s your answer!)

Rachel & Ben: Other than Teatro ZinZanni: PARIS

17. How did you first hear about Teatro ZinZanni?

Rachel & Ben: Nancy Neyhart took us there for the first time in 2005. Les Castors were in the show. It was the beginning.

18. What’s the best part or most unique part about working on a Teatro ZinZanni show?

Rachel & Ben: The interplay of live music, specialty performers, and the audience.

19. What’s something most people don’t assume or know about your work as professional aerial trapeze artists?

Rachel & Ben: Most people don’t realize how much it affects our daily life, beyond the “work” onstage or in rehearsals.

20. If you could order one of the entrees on the menu for “Coming Home,” what would you choose?

Rachel & Ben: 2 beefs, please.

21. What are you looking forward to most about “Coming Home”?

Rachel & Ben: Being on stage and backstage with people we love in the city we love.



3200 1st Ave S

Seattle, WA 98134



(206) 802-0015

Calls accepted T-F, 12-5pm



3200 1st Ave S

Seattle, WA 98134



(206) 802-0015

Calls accepted T-F, 12-5pm