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Tips on how to Dress Fancy for the circus

Come as you are.

We all know, an original is always worth more than a copy, so wear whatever makes you feel like you. That said, I encourage my guests not to wear t-shirts, shorts, or flip-flops, so dress to impress. That could be a decent pair of chinos and a collared shirt, or a nice pair of slacks and a fancy blouse, with some jewelry. Dress to the nines if you want to, but Seattle is a laid back town, so come as you are, as they say. 


Add a little razzle-dazzle.

Break free from the confines of the everyday as you step into the space where anything can happen. Add a moment of imagination, whimsy, or mystery to up the ante on your standard cocktail attire. Statement earrings or shoes? Sparkly jacket or tie? A sequined handbag? An exquisite masquerade mask? How about a fedora or a tiny top hat? Believe in the magic of dreams and wear whatever feels  fascinating to you. 

Power Outfit + Costume Detail.

Pair your most confident ensemble with a theatrical detail from your costume trunk. Get into your own character in a sparkly bow tie, a faux mustache, a clown nose, or oversized frames. How about a jeweled headpiece, a colorful wig, or elbow length gloves? Fairy wings or a faux fur coat? Or do as I do (or at least fake it to you make it) with a diva-sized feather boa. 

Dress for your seat.

Kiddos, no matter what you choose, remember, it’s less about what you wear and more about how you wear it. So do remember your neighbors when selecting the size of your feathers, hat, or wings. Nobody likes a view-blocker. 

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