Whether it’s your first time at Teatro ZinZanni, or your 20th, it’ll be everyone’s first time with us at The Sanctuary Ballroom. You might think that picking any seat is enough to get the most out of your ZinZanni experience, but we disagree! There are three box office secrets to selecting the best seats for you. If you want to maximize your ZinZanni experience, impress your guests, and leave smiling, keep reading.

Let size be your guide.

Where you sit begins with who and how many are in your party. 

Sit along with other guests in General Admission (2-12 capacity), our largest seating section. Reserve a private table for your party near the bandstand in Premium (2-4 capacity). Or get as close to the action as possible in Inner Ring (2-4 capacity). 

Celebrating a special occasion with a date or a few friends? The Inner Ring section has the seats the closest to the action. Celebrating with a large group of colleagues? Sit together (up to 12) at one table in General Admission, or split into multiple tables in Premium and Inner Ring (our largest tables seat 4), and Ask the Box Office to seat your groups next to each other. Got more than twelve in your party? Contact Groups Reservations (up to 265+) for the best pricing, personalized service, and event planning. Ticket for one? Single tickets are available in the GA section, seated with others. 

Once you know who and how many you’ll be dining with, considering their needs when you choose your tickets will help you make sure to have the best experience.

Keep Sight-lines & Interaction In Mind.

Prepare to transport into another world where performers break free from the confines of the stage and the action unfolds all around you! 

You may be invited to take part in the show or to enjoy table-side interaction with the artists at any table. No two performances are alike as the wall between artist and audience disappears. If you want a table closest to the action, Inner Ring has the best un-obstructed views of the center-stage area. Rest assured we reserve any obstructed-view seats in the venue for house seats, not ticket sales, so you’ll be able to see from any section no matter your ticket choice. Choose your own adventure! 

Got an extra interactive night in mind? Choose seats in the Inner Ring and ask for seats at the table waited-on by cast members!! Shy on interaction? At Teatro ZinZanni, no seat is in a firm safe zone, but you can ask for no interaction at yours and we’ll do our best to accommodate. 

Call or Email the Box Office  after purchasing your tickets. Or use the ‘special information’ section during the order process to make your requests. 

Think About Accessibility Needs.

The Box Office can also help you with any concerns about the accessibility of your seats or help with seating preferences. 

Accessible seats have been set aside in the Premium and Inner Ring sections for those with accessibility needs. Certain tables may not be accessible because of their location, so please be sure to double check before booking! The show has a 3-hour run time with scheduled breaks in the performances. In the event you need to leave during the show, the best time to do so is during one of these scheduled breaks. Also, being seated the closer to the entrance the better if you need to leave outside of scheduled breaks.

With these box office secrets, you’ll now have the insider tips on how to choose the best seats in the house — for you. No matter what seat you end up in, you’ll share in being a part of a one-of-a-kind memorable evening that will keep you wanting to come back to be ZinZanni’d again and again!

Please contact the Box Office to make sure you’re seated in the best location for you