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Tim Tyler

Performer and Ping Ping Extraordiniare

Suddenly, in 1978, realising that schools were not for him, he tore up his degree and ran away with “The Mushroom Troupe”. His career as a comic began.

What drives a person to master the surprising and arguably useless performance skills that have delighted audiences worldwide? … It has something to do with fulfilling his childhood dream, of being a “clown”.

Tim has developed, over the years, a variety of odd astonishing skills, including his world famous ping pong ball mouth juggling routine, egg balancing, wire walking, unicycling to mention a few.  He is an accomplished musician who toured with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra. As a singer he has played lead roles in the Broadway version of “The Pirates and Penzance” and “HMS Pinafore” touring Australia and New Zealand. He was also a guest artist with Graham Murphy’s, Sydney Dance Company and The Australian Ballet’s production “Tivoli”.


Mr P.P.

Tim as his creation “Mr PP” has worked extensively for the last thirty five years in theatre, cabaret and variety shows around the world, delighting audiences of all ages.

He was in the Broadway production of “Pomp, Duck and Circumstance” in New York and Atlanta and performed in Teatro Zinzanni show’s in San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle.

Mr P.P. has hosted and performed in variety shows around the world, including “Palazzo” Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and Basel. He has done seasons in Berlin’s Wintergarten, Salle D’Etoile in Monte Carlo, Jongleur’s in London, Circus Roncalli”s “Clowns of the World” Ronacher Theatre Vienna, The Last Laugh in Melbourne, Jupiter’s Casino the Gold Coast Australia and several Royal Command Performances for the Prince of Hanover.

Tim Tyler’s solo theatre shows have toured Internationally to festivals such as The London International Mime Festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Seoul Arts Centre Korea, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Festival Montreal, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, Festival d’Ete Quebec, Wellington International Festival, Hong Kong Fringe Festival and Cardiff festival

In 2010 he created and performed with Johnny Fillion a new duo show, “Me Two” in the Festival “Montreal Completement Cirque” and “Festival D’Ete” in Quebec city.
In 2017 he joined forces with Joe De Paul and created “Thank God for Tim and Joe” with creative development grants from CALQ and CAC. Their new duo show has toured to Spain, Toronto, Montreal and Marseille.