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Celebrate Your Love Story:

Why Teatro ZinZanni Tops the List for Unforgettable Anniversary Celebrations

At Teatro ZinZanni Chicago, we believe that every love story deserves a remarkable celebration, especially when it comes to commemorating those cherished milestones.

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Stepping into Teatro ZinZanni’s Belgian Spiegeltent

Teatro ZinZanni is housed in a treasure of both history and magic: an antique  Belgian Spiegeltent. This intricate structure transports us to a bygone era of opulence, blending artistry with entertainment in an experience like no other.

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How to Dress for ZinZanni

A few quick and easy tips for how to be your most fabulous self at the circus!  Whether you’re ready to dress to the nines, or you’d rather keep it simple and add a fun accessory, any and all style questions can be answered here. Don’t be afraid to bring some razzle dazzle!

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How to Choose The Best Teatro ZinZanni Seat For You

You might think that picking any seat is enough to get the most out of your ZinZanni experience, but we disagree! If you want to maximize your ZinZanni experience, impress your guests, and leave smiling, keep reading.

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Get to know our Family of Artists

Explore interesting interviews with former TZ cast members

An Interview with Lucy Darling

Known the world over for her wit, her charm, and exceptionally good hair, Lucy Darling’s shows are a wonderful mix of playful improvisational comedy, witty writing, and impossible magical feats.

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An Interview with Sa’Rayah

Sa’Rayah is a soulful, multifaceted vocalist, recording artist, producer, actress, and motivational speaker. The Chicago native fell in love with music as a young child and started her journey as a singer in church where she performed her first song at the tender age of five.

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An Interview with Lea Hinz

Lea Hinz is a circus performer who specializes in aerial hoop. Her powerful acts combine a high technical level with character work. Lea is known for her unique spinning elements and her captivating stage presence. Her performances can be seen in arena shows, cabarets, circus tents and in theaters all around the world.

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An Interview with Michael Evolution

With 2 decades of live stage experience, Michael has earned his marks in the performing art industry! He became the 1st basketball freestyle juggler that brought excitement into the world of theatre, variety & circus with his artistic creativity, showmanship and captivating skillset.

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An Interview with Danila Bim

Danila Bim is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, producer, and director who has spent the last two decades expanding her skills as a world-class acrobat. Conceiving, creating, and performing original acts on Cirque Du Soleil, Palazzo, Ringling Bros, and many more prestigious stages. 

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An Interview with Christine Deaver

Christine Deaver is an actor, singer, writer, director and voiceover artist. She has worked with Teatro ZinZanni for many years and has created and performed a plethora of unique and zany characters, as well as creating her solo cabaret show.

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An Interview with Ulzii Mergen

Ulzii is a contortionist from Mongolia.  After an exciting decade performing all around the world with Cirque Du Soleil in over 40 countries, she moved on to create her individual style and began working with other productions companies across the entertainment industry.

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An Interview with Cassie Cutler

Cassie Cutler is an acrobat, aerialist, and character from Las Vegas, Nevada. She has traveled the world working with numerous renowned shows and performs as a soloist with her own original bungee apparatus, or as half of the dynamic trapeze duo, Duo 19.

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