Urnaa Angarag


Uranbileg is an extraordinary contortionist and aerial artist hailing from Mongolia.

She unveiled her remarkable contortion abilities at the tender age of 5 where she embarked on a journey that led her to the prestigious Mongolian National Circus School at the mere age of 6. It was here where Uranbileg honed her craft and where she started gracing the stage at the youthful age of 9. Throughout her illustrious career, Uranbileg has traveled and showcased her incredible talent in over 30 countries. Collaborating with esteemed circus companies such as Cirque du Soleil, participating in festivals of the highest caliber, and dazzling audiences at esteemed special events.

Additionally Uranbileg’s on stage talent and versatility includes performances in aerial duo silks, adagio duo, duo & trio contortion, archery, as well as mesmerizing solo acts which include lyra, chandelier, and hand balance acts. Off stage she has had the pleasure of using her contortion skills as a specialty creature actor for films. Among her many accolades, Uranbileg’s additional accomplishments include: 2015 Finalist for “Mongolia’s Got Talent”, 1st place for “Cirque Life” 2020 international circus competition, and bronze winner at the esteemed “Princess Circus Festival”.
Aside from circus arts Uranbileg’s passions include yoga and coaching. She is an internationally certified yoga instructor and her dedication to yoga shines through her accomplishments, having been crowned the Yoga Athlete National Champion in the 2021 IYSF National Champion Competition.

You can see Uranbileg continue to enchant and captivate audiences with her unparalleled talent. Her presence illuminates the stage, inviting spectators into a world where the boundaries of human possibility are gracefully shattered.