Wake The Night’s Tory Peil Q&A

When did you start dancing? How did you know you were going to be a dancer?

I asked my parents when I was four years old to sign me up for ballet classes because I
was “going to be a ballerina.” They said “sure” and have been dealing with the consequences
ever since. I’ve always loved moving and being really physical so dance was just always a good

You have recently become quite involved in the local burlesque scene, despite a more
technical dance background. What drew you to burlesque?

I’m a classically trained ballerina so the world of contemporary dance and burlesque seemed
entirely out of the realm of possibility just five years ago. I previously danced with Spectrum
Dance Theater
and now am a full time company member of Whim W’him, Olivier Wever’s

I was lucky to be taken under the wing of some of the great performers in this town like Lily
and Jonny Boy of the Can Can. It was them who saw my love of acting and vamping,
and encouraged me to mix it with my heavily technical background. The mix has been an
incredible joy — dancing in a not so serious way while making an audience laugh is really

I’m drawn to the incredible amount of creativity the Burlesque and nightclub scene bring to the
stage. There are no rules in that world, which is really exhilarating. I’m really inspired by being
pushed physically and creatively.

How would you describe the dance elements in Wake The Night?

You’ll find us throwing down on Go Go platforms, giving you some Bollywood parades and even
having a Bull Fight Pas de deux. It’s a crazy mix of anything and everything throughout the

What is your favorite dance form?

I love watching contemporary ballet. Anything (William) Forsythe to Alonzo King.

In your own words, what can people expect to see and experience at Wake The Night? Why should they come?

Wake the Night is the perfect meld of Seattle’s incredible theatre scene and a night at a dance
club. Being surrounded by performers who are just enjoying the music along side you and ready
to throw down a surprise at any moment is something Seattle doesn’t offer anywhere else. It’s a sexy, exciting night for someone of any adult age.