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Saying Adios to Hacienda Holiday

Dingle dingle! Beaumount and Caswell have drank all the mezcal, and Don Diego’s hacienda¬†has closed up shop.¬†We asked the cast to share some of their favorite memories during their time in Hacienda Holiday. Ariana Lallone: “I would say one of my favorite moments in the show was …waiting to see…read more

Quickie with a Choreographer

On The Air co-choreographer Ariana Lallone took a moment to answer five of our quasi-choreography related questions. 1. When you were a kid, did you make up dance routines with your friends? I was definitely more of an emulator than a creator. If I saw a performance, a role that…read more

Perfection Trifecta

Sometimes the stars align and shine their radiant light down on the world for all to bask in their celestial light. Friends, one of these glorious moments is in fact upon us. For one delightfully elegant evening we will have six of the most celebrated chefs in the Pacific Northwest…read more