On The Food

Let’s talk food for a minute or an hour (really we could go on for days about food).

Chef Erik Carlson has whipped us into a frenzy over his delicious delicacies (and his pink-salt whipped cream no less) prepared especially for On The Air.

“Chef Erik Carlson has devised a menu filled with complex flavors and delicious surprises.”  SeattleActor.com

Here’s the menu rundown:


Two endive cups – one featuring cherry molasses pulled pork, the other a tomato-fennel quinoa – with grissini breadsticks and an aged balsamic reduction


Carrot and ginger bisque garnished with candied rosemary


A fresh mix of arugula and frisee, topped with pickled radish, roasted kohlrabi, bleu cheese crumble, and toasted hazelnuts tossed in a light cumin and lemon vinaigrette

ENTRÉES (or as we call it choices, choices, choices)

Prime Top Sirloin

Double R Ranch 8oz top sirloin with a cabernet reduction, served with caramelized onion and arugula bamboo rice, and garlic squash pasta

Crab Stuffed Sea Scallops

Sea scallops with a Dungeness crab filling served with polenta, oven roasted asparagus, and a rich Tobiko beurre blanc

Vegetable Napoleon

Layers of phyllo pastry, roasted sweet corn-edamame relish, and root vegetable mash on a sun dried tomato cream puree


Golden lemon-basil pound cake with a spiced apple-rhubarb compote center topped with a vanilla-pink salt whipped cream

Here’s what our guests are saying:

“Amazing show and amazing dinner!” -Carman party

“The food was perfect, every course.”  -Marie, Snohomish, WA

“Delicious accommodation to  our gluten allergy!” -Buck party

“My sirloin was perfect!” -Facebook fan