Goofing Off and Being a Clown

For most administrators, reviewing registration paperwork is not the most thrilling part of their day.

Most administrators don’t work for the circus! Also most registration forms don’t ask questions like: Please write a few sentences about your experiences in Circus and Performing Arts. If you have no experience, please tell us what excited you about Camp ZinZanni.

For us perusing camp registration forms are a source of joy and validation. They are teeming with stories from parents running the gamut from  their child having truly transformative experiences under the tent to their kid had a blast learning slapstick comedy (sometimes both). This is not surprising as a  good portion of our camps are filled with former campers or siblings of campers who have grown up hearing all about Camp ZinZanni.

The best stories, however,  come from the kids, especially when it is written by them (see the image below). Here are some of our favorites:

I have never done circus but I have done hip-hop, gymnastics and Youth Theatre.  I have really enjoyed them all.  Last summer my friend went to Camp ZinZanni and said it was so much fun, and that made me want to go really badly.  I’m so excited that I can’t wait any longer!!

I don’t like juggling much.  But I like acting and acrobatics.  I went to this camp one year ago.

The best was learning how to slap myself. I want to do it again!

My mommy told me I had to go so here I am.
goofing off


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