“Best dinner show in town!” -Seattle PI

14424249936_b347fce587_zWhen Sparks Fly has been open for over a month now and both press and fans alike are raving! Let’s see what they have to say…

Here are some highlights from the press:

“An absolute delight from beginning to end and, unless you have an aversion to smiling, a killer evening out” -Broadway World

“ZinZanni shows are the kind of over-the-top and jaw-dropping performances that make for an unforgettable experience” – Parent Map

“A refuge from the mundane throes of ordinary life.  Escape the question of what is and isn’t real. Put away your phone. Replace the urge to text and tweet with living in the moment.” -Herald Net

“Teatro ZinZanni is Seattle’s best kept secret.” -Seattle PI

“Having tickets to Teatro ZinZanni is a bit like Christmas come-early” -Issaquah/Bellevue Reporter

Our facebook/yelp fans say:

“This place is amazing!” -Yelp Review

“It’s not just a show, it’s an experience!” -Different Yelp Review

“Cannot recommend this venue enough!” -Facebook Fan

“I’ve been here on vacation for a week and this is the COOLEST thing I’ve done my whole trip! You all were absolutely amazing!” -Another Facebook Fan

Ah. We are feeling the love.  Come on out to the tent to give us your own 2 cents on the show.

To wrap up this post we think ParentMap put it best when they asked “Where else do you get to see what Frankenstein looks like shirtless, swinging from a trapeze bar?”

Nowhere ParentMap. Nowhere.

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