Teatro ZinZanni Company Staff

Let us introduce you to the Teatro ZinZanni’s staff!

Executive Staff

President and Artistic Director
Norman Langill

Executive Producer
Annie Jamison

Executive Director
Markus Kunz

Associate Artistic Director
Reenie Duff

Contessa DeLuxe
Louise DiLenge

Departments (in alphabetical order)

Artist Staff

Casting Manager
Tim Gonzalez-Wiler

Boutique Staff

Product Development/Merchandise Director
Matthew White

Boutique Lead
Katie O’Connell

Sales & Marketing  Staff

Sales & Marketing Director
Michelle Haines

Marketing and Communications Manager
April Glass

Graphic Designer
Bob Suh

Senior Group Sales & Events Manager
Kristyn Grim

Group Sales & Events Coodinator
Juli Crompe

Box Office Manager
Veliere Crump

Box Office Assistant Manager
Zac Eckstein

Box Office Staff
Priscilla Nyx
Jonas Rankins

Web Designer
Robert Carpenter

Costume Staff

Costume Shop Manager
Stephanie Seymour

Wig Master
Kelly Schmidt

Wardrobe Lead
Kristin Ginther

Sub Dresser/Stitcher
Samantha Tapola

Costume Build Team 
Karen Crosby
Robyn Tarbet
Elizabeth Dean
Diane McGinn
Teresa O’Leary
Mark Zappone

Costume Interns
Penny MCMillan-Hughes
Amethyst Beach

Creative Team

Associate Artistic Director 
Reenie Duff

Musical Director
Hans Teuber

Contessa Lucky Deluxe
Louise DiLenge

Lighting Designer
Peter Bracilano

Education Staff

Artistic Director
Reenie Duff

Technical Director
Ian Jamison

Education & Events Manager
Nadia Tarnawsky

Production Staff

Technical Director
Ian Jamison

Production Stage Manager
Stormy Edwards

Lighting Supervisor
Molly Brindley

Sound Supervisor
Kevin Heard

Backstage Managers & Winch Act Assistants
Anne Gish, Bradford Schroeder

Site Manager
Stephen Ginsburg

Event Stage Manager
Anne Gish

Properties Build and Design Staff

Props, Scenery & Design
Shauna Frazier

Properties Artisans
Giles Thompson
Inna Peck
Grant Rehnberg

Restaurant Staff

Executive Restaurant Manager
Brooke Bolin

Assistant Restaurant Manager
Simina Bus

Executive Chef
Erik Carlson

Bar Manager
Jamie-Paul Rizzo

Server Captains
Crystal Wren
Angie Lee